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Mar. 19th, 2010 @ 07:22 pm until then i will live each day in awe and wonder
Current Music: Mute Math - Break The Same [Mute Math]
All the little things in life never seem to stop. It doesn't matter if you've been out of town, or not getting to sleep, or just had too many other things going on. Bills still need to be paid, laundry needs to be done, and dishes washed and washed again. So here I sit paying bills while Deb and Luc are out at the grocery store because I've got a few quiet moments when I can use both hands. Later tonight, I get to curl up with my laptop and try to figure out OpenGL projection shadowing. There is something seriously screwy with my shadow code, but the rest of it seems fine. I'm more than likely not clearing or resetting something where I ought. At least I have until Wednesday to figure it out.

Maybe Deb and I will get to catch up on LOST before we fall asleep tonight. That'd be nice.

We've got our taxes done for the year, and all filed. Time to just wait for the refunds to come in. Those will be nice, and I get to use some of it to build up a new computer. The current Xerxes is so old at this point that there's not really anything worth salvaging. I mean, the case and DVD drive are fine, but that's about it. So at that rate, I might as well build a whole new system from the get-go and keep the current Xerxes as a secondary system for ... something. Maybe time to throw a bunch of emulators on it or something? Make it dedicated to recording? Set up a Linux desktop? I'm not really sure, but I'll take suggestions. Also if I keep the old system, I'm going to need a new name. I'm thinking it might be time to let Xerxes follow the old system and name the new one Artaxerxes. Seems fitting to me.

So much has been happening in life lately and I feel neglectful for not having written a blasted thing about it in here. Spent a few days in Texas, then last week in San Francisco at GDC was an amazingly great time.

So much is happening to talk about. But nothing has the chance to be said. Sad.
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