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Feb. 8th, 2010 @ 11:12 am (no subject)
Current Music: Poor Old Lu - Sunlight & Shadows [The Waiting Room]
We had Luc's first Superbowl last night. He seemed to really like watching it, lots of things going on to see, and the kid definitely loves looking at exciting things. To the point that we had a little trouble getting him to bed either during or after the game, but he did eventually conk out. Woke up in a great mood this morning though, so we're hoping that continues.

Speaking of the big game, Deb and I made a couple of game-day foods to munch on during the footballs. Deb made a delicious multi-layer dip, and I made some homemade fries for chili-cheese-fries. Since it was only the two of us eating, I ended up eating waaaaay too much. I still feel full this morning, and all I had for breakfast was a muffin. Even the Wii Fit was mad at me for it.

Speaking of Wii Fit, we're going to try and start that up again. We've even picked up the Plus update. If nothing more than a daily weigh-in so I know where things are headed vis-a-vis my body mass. I desire to be less massive than I currently am.
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