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Oct. 28th, 2010 @ 11:38 am On Cars
Ever since we both traded in our ancient chevys, both Deb and I have had pretty good luck with our cars. Mine even has a sensor in it that tells me when I'm supposed to change the oil, and that hasn't gone off yet. But in the last couple weeks we've had a few things creep up on us. Deb's exhaust has a little hole in it that makes a big noise, not to mention the leaking exhaust fumes that are surely spilling out of it. Until this morning, I thought mine was fine. On my way into work, a woman pulled up beside me and made a point to let me know she thought something was wrong with my car. She said there was a smell and I was leaking fluid from the back right side. Both of these are obviously a bit troubling, let alone together. Thing is, when I pulled into the parking lot here and looked, I couldn't see anything wrong. Now, I'm really not a mechanic, but there really didn't seem to be any problem to me. The only smell I smelled was car exhaust fumes, and the only fluid I saw was water dripping from the undercarriage. Considering it rained last night, that really doesn't surprise me. But even so, if it's enough for someone to point it out, it certainly makes me wonder if everything's still running as it should.
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