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Dec. 1st, 2010 @ 10:03 am Almost there
Current Music: Radio Way - Sheffield Youth [All Things Make Believe: A Tribute to Joy Electric]
Seems that we've made it to December again. Even though it's 50 degrees and raining outside today, winter is still noticeably on its way. If it's reasonably dry and unfrigid this weekend, I'll even have a chance to finish cleaning up the yard for the season. Thankfully we managed to get a windstorm this year that took down most of the oak leaves at once instead of them slowly piling up over months.

The final project for my current class is coming along, which is a good thing as it's due next Monday night. We'll be trying to finish it up in a long session tomorrow night, and I'm hoping it won't bleed into the weekend. After that, it's just the final one week later, and that class will be done. Then I get about a month off before starting in with two classes at once to finish this degree for good. Spring will be a bit crazy, especially with two week-long trips to California already planned.

And then there's work, which is going fairly well at the moment, even if it's tough to keep track of everything that's going on. I'm really enjoying the flexibility of running my own project. Not that I didn't basically do my own thing before anyway, but this means I don't have to clear certain things with other people. And that's a very good thing. Also means that I've got to be responsible playing a zero-sum game with actual money. That should be an interesting exercise, but it'll probably work out by the end of the year. I hope.

The Science Fair I'm running here at the office is in just a couple of days. I'm already getting pinged about a few things, most of which boil down to people trying to make it way more complicated than it needs to be. I'm really looking forward to the event, and hope to talk to a lot of people about cool stuff. I really want this to be a success.

We're also full into the winter holiday season. I'm mostly done with shopping, just have a couple things to try and figure out. Unfortunately, one of them is proving to be impossible to find, anywhere. I thought that in this internet age one could buy anything they wanted to online. That may be true, but it does you little good if you can't find it.
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