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Jun. 12th, 2011 @ 10:53 am Projects
I can't seem to live without a mound of projects and to-dos. I don't do nothing very well.

A few weeks back, I finished my Master of Science degree. It was a lot of work and it took me four and a half years, with the last six months being particularly nuts. Between school, work, and family, I was generally not sure which way was up most of the time. But it's done now, and we're finally spending some time together as a family, including the first vacation I've taken in a while. My little sister finished her Law degree this year, too, so it's been a lot of family time and graduations all around. Luc's definitely been loving seeing everybody more often, including Daddy.

But now summer is just about upon us, and it's time to start all the home construction projects. We're putting in a split air conditioner to cool the top floor of the house, and it's definitely a more involved project than I thought it'd be. My friend Tristan came over yesterday and we managed to drill a hole through the side of the house and run all of the electrical wiring. However, it looks like the refrigerant lines are going to need a professional, so we don't have it up and running quite yet. I'm hoping that we can get him by sometime this coming week to get that going before the heat really kicks off again.

We're also looking to put in a patio this summer to replace the old rotting wooden walkway that's out there now. I've replaced a handful of boards and one full section already, but I still put my foot through it yesterday. Again. Really, it's time for it to go. I learned a bit about putting in paving stones by making a base for the air conditioner's compressor unit the other day, though, so at least that's a start on that skillset. Maybe we'll have a "let's build a patio" party this summer.

I'm also looking to update my music studio a bit this year, as a sort of graduation present thing. Much of my software is quite a few years old and doesn't run particularly well on modern systems. I've been able to patch it up and get it hobbling along, but I think I'm at the point of diminishing returns and just need to bite the bullet and put together a new studio. Once all that's together, I can start working on the next Psycliq album for real, and I really look forward to that. I've got a decent handful of songs that really want to see more life but haven't been given the chance yet.

I've also got a backlog of video games, movies, books, and stuff like that that I've been wanting to get through. I've already managed to finish a couple of games and am nearly done with a book I've been reading for months now, but at the same time it's very hard not to just make the pile even bigger in the mean time. After all, I've got all this free time, right?

So I guess it's going to be as busy a summer as ever. But I'm looking forward to it. Chapters have closed and new ones have opened. This is the proper way of things.
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